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Glushu Ostitis case study: Holly

Thanks to farriers Peter Loots and Ulrich Gerusel for helping Holly with her Ostitis.

Ulrich is a master Glushu farrier. Please check out his Facebook page for more of his excellent work.

From owner Vollmer.

"In June 2016, we called the blacksmith to see our Freiberg Holly.

Almost the whole summer, his iron shoes had been torn from his damaging the hoof, this was especially bad because he always had terrible horn quality. On the same evening we needed our veterinarian, who removed the front iron shoe because he no longer loaded the leg and a hoof bandage was applied. In the following days, X-rays of Hollys feet revealed that he had an osteitis, which in turn, caused the coffin bone to dissolve through the inflammation. From June to mid-September kept his a hoof bandage, then he got front right and left shoes as well as a drug with long-term effect, against the dissolution of the coffin bone. This drug is also used in the human medicine used for the treatment of osteoporosis.

This went well until the end of March 2017, when he was again lame and could bear no weight on the hoof. It turned out that over the years his hoof was set too steep by various blacksmiths. Our veterinarian again administered the long-term drug and the horse had to be shod differently to relieve the pain. Holly was running much better, but after three days the left front iron fell off,and the right one fell off after a week. We tried to re-attach the irons again, Failed. All kinds of attempts did not help.

After a bit of research I discovered Glushu glue on horse shoes and contacted Peter Loots for help. Within days we had an appointment with Ulrich Gerusel. Ulrich,was immediately ready to take care of the situation. So that he could get an overview of the situation, our veterinarian provided Hollys x-rays. The end of May 2017 was the first Glushu fitting. Just a few days later there was a significant improvement, Hollywas no longer lame!

In December 2017 we took Holly for new X-rays. It was found that there was no more inflammation, not only had the coffin bone ceased to degrade it had rebuilt to a stage neither veterinarian, farrier had experienced so far.

Thanks again to all who are responsible for the full recovery.

Glushu glue on horse shoes used for horse with ostitis

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