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Glushu Farrier Review: Mono

Thanks to Farrier Anu Torvinen for sharing the story another happy Glushu customer Mono.

You can find Anu on Facebook here - @hevoshuoltotorvinen

If you have any questions about Glushu glue on horse shoes or would like to order a set for your horse please feel free to contact us

From Anu:

"This is 5 year old stallion Monokeros (AKA Mono). There were a number of reasons we chose Glushu for Mono. Mono works as a saddle horse and as such he needs protection on his hooves. He finds traditional shoes uncomfortable but due to his work and tender feet he cannot go barefoot. As Glushu are non-invasive and have a cushioning effect they are the perfect solution.

Mono wearing glushu glue on horse shoes

In addition to this Mono shares his pasture with a 3 year old stallion Uuno. Mono and Uuno are the best of friends but they can play very roughly together. We found that iron shoes were causing injuries to the horses during this literal “horse play”. Now that Mono has his gentler Glushu we are much happy to let them play without the fear of them being hurt.

As a farrier I found the Glushu very easy to fit. It is a straightforward process and takes no longer than it would to nail on a traditional iron shoe.

I would 100% recommend Glushu glue on horse shoes for anyone who wants an alternative to nail on horse shoes."

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